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Grade 7 ‘Silent’ Heat Presentations

Grade 7 ‘Silent’ Heat Presentations

Today, Grade 7 enjoyed listening to our Heat presentations. During the two periods we had, we enjoyed a Grade 7 ran, silent period. During this period we worked together to assign roles and set up the presentations for our peers. It is important to take control and demonstrate our learning once in awhile. The first presentation we had this morning was: “The difference between renewable and nonrenewable energy!”

We also learned about the Particle Theory! 

Next we learned about: “Conduction Convection and Radiation!”

We also learned with Jayson and Ari!


Today was lots of fun and I hope to do more presentations like this in the future!


Jessica, Grade 7

Grade 6 MacSkimming Field Trip Pictures

Grade 6 MacSkimming Field Trip Pictures

Grade 6 students visited MacSkimming this week to learn about biodiversity through a variety of hands on discovery and exploration activities.


Students taking up answers after completing the tree dichotomy challenge.

Learning about tree classification based on the physical attributes of a trees leaves or needles.

On a search for birds by learning about their distinct calls.

Exploring the biodiversity and ecosystems in the forest.

A giant yellow spotted salamander.

Grade 7 Chemistry Science Snaps, Collage, Word Wall, Vocab???

Grade 7 Chemistry Science Snaps, Collage, Word Wall, Vocab???

The grade 7 learners are trying a new take on anchoring their vocabulary in Science class. Instead of memorizing definitions, writing a vocab quiz, or creating a word wall. The grade 7’s were tasked with a design challenge; to create, design, and teach others the chemistry vocabulary they were learning using the application Adobe Spark.

Congratulations to Jessie, for her filtration poster that claimed top prize in the challenge.

Here is their take take on a “Chemistry Collage”



Ottawa Regional Science Fair

Ottawa Regional Science Fair

7 Students from the OJCS participated in this year’s Ottawa Regional Science Fair held at Carleton University.

With over 275 students, 225 projects, and 32 schools participating, our team brought an impressive amount of original scientific thought and innovation the the fair.

Congratulations to all students for their amazing scientific thought, and to Zoe N. on her 3rd place finish for her Monster Melter energy project.

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