Ottawa Regional Science Fair

Ottawa Regional Science Fair

7 Students from the OJCS participated in this year’s Ottawa Regional Science Fair held at Carleton University.

With over 275 students, 225 projects, and 32 schools participating, our team brought an impressive amount of original scientific thought and innovation the the fair.

Congratulations to all students for their amazing scientific thought, and to Zoe N. on her 3rd place finish for her Monster Melter energy project.

One thought on “Ottawa Regional Science Fair

  1. Great job to all…including the teacher!

    I wonder what advice our students would have on how to best prepare for a winning Science Fair project? What did they learn (besides about their topic) from having gone through this year’s experience? It would be great to capture that advice and, perhaps, ready it for the next year’s group.

    Thanks to all the students (and their parents) for another great year of projects!

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