Grade 7 ‘Silent’ Heat Presentations

Grade 7 ‘Silent’ Heat Presentations

Today, Grade 7 enjoyed listening to our Heat presentations. During the two periods we had, we enjoyed a Grade 7 ran, silent period. During this period we worked together to assign roles and set up the presentations for our peers. It is important to take control and demonstrate our learning once in awhile. The first presentation we had this morning was: “The difference between renewable and nonrenewable energy!”

We also learned about the Particle Theory! 

Next we learned about: “Conduction Convection and Radiation!”

We also learned with Jayson and Ari!


Today was lots of fun and I hope to do more presentations like this in the future!


Jessica, Grade 7

7 thoughts on “Grade 7 ‘Silent’ Heat Presentations

  1. This looks amazing. I am wondering; how did you pick your topics? I am wondering though; do you have examples of renewable energy at your school/town?

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