Innovation Day 2020

Innovation Day 2020

Congratulations to the middle school students for successfully accomplishing their projects this year! I heard so many positive and amazing comments from parents, teachers, and this year’s judges. They were impressed with the level of research, the creative engineering, and imaginative presentations that YOU designed and created. Outstanding effort, I am very proud of the work you put into those projects! Here are the results from Innovation Day judging as well as the video we saw as part of the assembly. I can only imagine what creative projects you will dream up for next year. Well done!

Genius Hour Project Winners

Grade 6
1. Samara S. – indestructible dog toy
2. Maya S. – Magical illusions
3. Rebecca G. – Nail glue

Grade 7
1. Maayan S. – The perfect environment for horses
2. Sarah K. – A dollar makes a difference
3. Yamaya N. – Eco-friendly housing

Grade 8
1. Jayson R. – Braille Rubik’s cube
2. Zoe N. – Eco-friendly dill
3. Max P. – Music Production

STEAM Project Winners

Grade 8
1. Talia C. and Jesse A. – Clean Machine

Grade 7
1. Abby T. – Music and Memory
2. Sarah N. and Jordana W. – Mint Blast
3. Talia L. and Sasha S. – Sleep-Inn

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