Gr. 8 Guest Speaker Dr. Tannenbaum on Vaccines

Gr. 8 Guest Speaker Dr. Tannenbaum on Vaccines

The grade 8 class were fortunate enough to participate in session with Dr. Joanne Tannenbaum about vaccines as part of their unit on Cells. Students were able to learn from home in a shared google meet, and in the classroom as part of our hyflex learning program. They began learning about the differences between red and white blood cells, what their roles are in the body and specifically when they are fighting a virus or other harmful invaders.

Of course, a huge focus of the seminar centered around COVID-19, and the unprecedented development of a potential vaccine. Many of the well-thought out questions from students, both in-class and at home, were about COVID-19, staying safe, the benefits of wearing masks, and where we are currently in the development of a possible vaccine for the virus.

Students learned about the variety of vaccine types available and the difference between live virus vs. non-live virus vaccines, how they augment the body’s immune system at a cellular level by creating antibodies. They even got a bit of history lesson on the first vaccine created 250 years ago for smallpox. OJCS gives a huge thank you to Dr. Joanne Tannenbaum for donating her time…again,  to help educate our kids with the scientific facts on this important, and current topic.

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