Gr. 7 Heat

Gr. 7 Heat

Find all presentations, videos, screencasts, handouts, and assignments below!


Lesson 1: Introduction to Heat (Heat in the Environment)

Estimating Temperatures Handout 

Intro to Heat Slides Presentation

Screencast video of Lesson 1

Lesson 2 : Thermometers PDF (3 HW questions located on last slide)

Lesson 3: Heat, Temperature and the Particle Theory

PDF copy of presentation



Bill Nye: Heat worksheet link (make a copy and share with Mr. Ray)

Lesson 4: Conduction

PDF of presentation

Lesson 5: Convection

Lesson 6: Radiation

Lesson 7: States of Matter


Heat Transfer Quiz

States of Matter Quiz

Learn how to code, tell stories, and make games using Scratch

  1. Getting started tutorial
  2. Animate your Name activity and walkthrough
  3. Use the Animate your Name Code Cards PDF to help you through the activity
  4. Share your project with Mr. Ray, your friends/family, post to your blog!


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