Gr. 6 Space

Gr. 6 Space


Space Review and Study Sheet

Space Review and Study Sheet Solutions!

Lesson 1: Introduction to Our Solar System

The Universe is Massive!

Solar System Simulator Activity (Make a copy for yourself in your Space folder and follow the instructions)

Lesson 2: That Glorious Old Sun

That Glorious Old Sun Research Activity link (Make a copy and add it to your space folder before beginning)

Lesson 3: The Earth’s Orbit and Seasons

Lesson 4: Phases of the Moon

Lesson 5: Eclipses

Lesson 6: Comets, Asteroids, Meteors, & Meteorites

Student code login details here

Lesson 7: Spring and Neap Tides

Lesson 8: Planets and our Solar System

Lesson 9: Bill Nye Space Exploration

Space Exploration Video Worksheet (Make a copy, submit to your hand-in folder)

Lesson 10: Canadians in Space

Distance Learning Design Challenge!

Tinkercad Login Instructions


Spaceship Design Challenge Rubric

Tinkercad Design Reflection


How To Make A Video using Screencastify Tutorial

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