Grade 7 Heat

Grade 7 Heat

Find all presentations, videos, screencasts, handouts, and assignments below!


Lesson 1: Introduction to Heat (Heat in the Environment)

Estimating Temperatures Handout 

Lesson 2 : Thermometers PDF (3 HW questions located on the last slide)

Lesson 3: Heat, Temperature, and the Particle Theory


Screencast copy of the presentation

Lesson 4: Conduction

PDF of presentation

Lesson 5: Heat Video Worksheet

Bill Nye: Heat worksheet link (make a copy and share with Mr. Ray: Due Tuesday, May 17th)

Lesson 6: Convection

Lesson 7: Radiation

Lesson 8: States of Matter

End of Unit Test

Heat Unit Review Study Package

Heat Unit Review Study Guide (checklist)

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