Grading Homework Policy

Grading Homework Policy


  1. Daily assignments, including homework, must be turned in on time at the beginning of class.
  2. Students are responsible for make-up work when they are absent. If this is an issue, it is your responsibility to make arrangements with me as soon as possible.
  3. Contacting me via email ( or in person at the earliest opportunity is your best course of action. Do not wait until it is too late. Recall that homework and assignments are due at the beginning of class. Late assignments will be deducted 5% per day unless previous arrangements have been made with Mr. Ray

All Assignments, Projects, Tests, and Quizzes will fall within the categories listed below to make up a student’s Science grade and all rubrics created will be designed to link back to these overarching categories.

Assessment Categories

25% – Knowledge and Understanding of Material/Content 

25% – Application of Tools used and Design (Be a maker, use of tools, creativity)

25% – Thinking, Inquiry, and Problem Solving (Organization of thought, think like a scientist)

25% – Communication and Collaboration (Reflection, grade-appropriate vocabulary)


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