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Gr. 8 Genius Hour Guest Speaker

Gr. 8 Genius Hour Guest Speaker

Former OJCS student and entrepreneur Pablo Srugo was kind enough to share his story with the grade 8 class.

Mr. Srugo wanted to be a lawyer as a student but after realizing it wasn’t for him he and his business partner Lee Silverstone (another OJCS alumni!) decided they wanted to start a company of their own.

The creativity, working for themselves, and following their passions were reasons why entrepreneurship appealed to them. His first company was a tutoring company called MyTutor. His next venture, Gymtrack, raised over 5 million dollars, had 35 employees working for them and was featured in the Ottawa Citizen as a local startup company that focused on tracking activity at the gym to family the experience and make it more fun for participants. He now

Students learned about the process of starting a company from scratch, how one idea can change the world, the importance of timing, and how your preconceptions of a job may change once you actually start in the job field.

“You have to be creative.” Srugo repeated. The idea that jobs are changing, jobs are being replaced or automated are forcing students to keep doors open, and to explore your interests.

Genius Hour & STEAM Info, Rubric, Tracking Sheets

Genius Hour & STEAM Info, Rubric, Tracking Sheets

Welcome to Genius Hour! This is a project that encourages students to follow their passions as they develop their research and inquiry skills by learning about a topic of their choice, making, designing, or building a product based on their learning, and then presenting what they have learned and made.

While students will continue to practice the timeless skills of researching, testing, analyzing, and presenting to an audience like a traditional Science fair project, Genius Hour opens the door to amplify student learning. Along with the previously mentioned skills, students will also be practicing digital citizenship, heutagogy or self-directed learning as they work towards short and long term goals, media literacies, network literacies, and divergent thinking as they think creatively to generate innovative ideas, products, or solutions to problems that interest them.

As students make their own thinking visible by sharing their process, they will also be documenting for others to learn from, and practice metacognitive techniques as they document and reflect on their own process. The autonomy, and self-directed learning that genius hour encourages is student-centered, personalized, curiosity driven, and builds skills that are relevant in today’s rapidly changing world.  

Passion driven projects like genius hour provide learners the challenge to be creative, to design and build, to follow their interests, and to give their work a sense of purpose. Every teacher should strive to create students who are lifelong learners and Genius Hour is big step in that direction!

What will YOU learn and create with the time?

Genius Hour Tracking Sheet

The Scientific Method

Writing a Bibliography

STEAM Tracking Sheet

Grade 6 Flipgrid Pitch Printout

Research and Learn Handout

Make, Create and Design Handout

Research and Citation Workshop in the Library

Research and Citation Workshop in the Library

Students learned how to source in-text citations properly, how to create bibliography citations using online aids like easybib, and then practiced their skills researching the history of the microwave.

They were tasked with taking notes in their own words, writing paragraphs that contain in-text citations, and creating a bibliography, all on the history of the microwave.

Research Workshop Info

Research Workshop Info

Inventing the Microwave Oven

You will read or watch three of the sources provided. As you read/listen, make notes in your own words. Then write a short half page summary on the history of the microwave. Use in-text citation and create a bibliography. In the end, you will hand in;

  • your page of notes
  • your half-page on microwave history which includes in-text citation
  • bibliography page
Ottawa Regional Science Fair

Ottawa Regional Science Fair

7 Students from the OJCS participated in this year’s Ottawa Regional Science Fair held at Carleton University.

With over 275 students, 225 projects, and 32 schools participating, our team brought an impressive amount of original scientific thought and innovation the the fair.

Congratulations to all students for their amazing scientific thought, and to Zoe N. on her 3rd place finish for her Monster Melter energy project.

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