Gr. 6 Flight

Gr. 6 Flight

Properties of Air 



Please watch the video above and then answer the questions below in a google doc called ‘Properties of Air’. Place your google doc into your Flight folder.


1.List the 4 Properties of Air discussed in the video (you may have to go back to the videos and find them!)

2. Define the following terms from the videos

a) flight                      b) compress                       c) insulate

3. What is in the 2L bottle?

4. What did you observe when the bottle was held in hot water? Why do you think this happened?

5. What did you observe when the bottle was held in cold water? Why do you think this happened?

6. Give an example of hot air rising, and explain why this happens. Use the words density and molecules in your answer.


Lift vs. Gravity

Air in Motion – Part 1

Air in Motion – Part 2

Take Off

Paper Airplane Airport Challenge Questions

The Four Forces of Flight

The Four Forces link (Remember that we use Weight and Gravity interchangeably)

The Four Forces student questions sheet

Play around with this flight simulator to further your understanding of the four forces of flight (must have flash enabled)

Build Your Own Rocket

Rocket Design Template

60 second Video Analysis Flipgrid

Make a blog post instructions

Adaptations of Flight


Flight Review – Notes and Blog Hunt! (Make a copy and add it to your Flight folder)

Solutions to the Review


Choose a Wow in World podcast to listen to

Practice your coding skills using these fun challenges from

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