Gr. 8 Water

Gr. 8 Water

All information, assignments, links, videos and rubrics for our final unit on water can be found below.

Exploring the Uses of Water Intro Activity link

10.2 – What is Water? (In your group, answer questions #1-3)

Try out this ‘Build a Molecule’ online simulator (Complete the ‘single’ category)

COULD DO (Complete the ‘multiple’, and ‘playground’ categories)

Safe Drinking Water

10.3 – The Water Cycle & 10.5 – Making Water Drinkable

Water Quality

11.1 – Fresh Water and Salt Water & 11.2 Contaminants in Water

11.4 – Watersheds & 11.7 – Wastewater Treatment

Water, Weather, and Climate

12.1 – Surface Water and Climate & 12.2 – Glaciers, Polar Ice, and Global Warming

12.4 – Floods and Droughts & 12.6 – Water is Life

Water Teaching Assignment

Assignment, Rubric, and Presentation Dates

Assignment Graphic Organizer

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