Electricity (Grade 6)

Electricity (Grade 6)

This post will contain all of the grade 6 lessons on electricity. Students will be learning about the short and long-term impacts of electrical energy technologies in Canada on society and the environment. They will learn how circuits work by building their own series and parallel circuits and assess choices that reduce personal use of electrical energy.

Lesson 1: Series and Parallel Circuits

Lesson 2: Building Circuits

Lesson 3: Fixing Electrical Problems

There are so many uses for electricity. But what happens when something isn’t working right? Maybe your computer speakers are not working or your refrigerator isn’t staying cold. What do people do? They often need to take their appliance in to be repaired or have a technician come to the house to repair the appliance. The technician has to figure out what is wrong and why the device is not working properly. This process is called troubleshooting. Let’s practice some troubleshooting skills to solve electrical problems.

Lesson 4: What is Static Electricity?

Lesson 5: How Do Batteries Work?

Lesson 6: Energy Conservation and Home Electricity Audit

Lesson 7: Renewable Energy

Lesson 8: Renewable vs. Non-Renewable Energy



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