Gr. 6 Space

Gr. 6 Space

Our Solar System

The Universe is Massive!

Solar System Simulator Activity (Make a copy for yourself in your Space folder and follow the instructions)

That Glorious Old Sun

That Glorious Old Sun Research Activity link (Make a copy and add it to your space folder before beginning) – Due Tuesday Dec. 8th

The Earth’s Orbit and Seasons

Phases of the Moon


Spring and Neap Tides

Tinkercad Login Instructions

Spaceship Design Challenge Rubric

Spaceship Design Growth Mindset Reflection

Spaceship Voting Machine

Student Shuttles! Wow!


Comets, Asteroids, Meteors, & Meteorites

Student code login details here

Canadians in Space

Chris Hadfield answers questions live from space! Follow Commander Hadfield on Twitter here

Blog Hunt # 1 link

Blog Hunt # 2 link

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