Gr. 8 Fluids

Gr. 8 Fluids

All of our learning, links, and information on Fluids can be found here. All student homework should be saved to your Science: Fluids folder in your google drive.

Introduction to Fluids

7.1 – Introduction to Fluids (read and answer question # 1) Due Mon. Dec. 7

7.2 – Characteristics of Fluids (read and answer questions #1, 3, 5 ab, 6) Due Mon. Dec. 7

Laminar vs. Tubulent Flow example


7.3 – Flow Rate and Viscosity (read and answer question # 1,2,3, 5) – Due Mon. Dec. 7

Calculating Flow Rates Worksheet (Make a copy and answer the 2 questions) – Due Mon. Dec. 7


8.1 – Weight, Mass, and Volume (read and answer questions #2 & 3) – Due Mon. Dec. 7

8.3 – Density (read and answer questions # 2 -5) – Due Wed. Dec 9

What is Density and How to Calculate Student Note (Make a copy and add to your Fluids folder)

Calculating Density Worksheet # 1 (Make a copy and add to your Fluids folder before beginning)

Calculating Density Worksheet #2  (Pics below)

Worksheet #1 and #2 Solutions 

Density Chart link (Pics below)

Comparing Densities Enrichment Questions Link

At Home Density Lab link (refer to lab report rubric for help on writing your conclusion)

Lab Report Rubric link

Buoyancy and Displacement

8.5 – Buoyancy (Read to learn more about buoyancy, displacement, density, and how ships carry cargo)

Fluids Under Pressure

9.1 – Putting the Squeeze on Fluids (Read and answer questions #1-4) Due Wed. Jan. 13th


9.4 – Effects of External Pressure on Fluids (Read, note the definitions of Pressure and Pascal’s Law, complete the ‘Try This’ section at home over a sink or bathtub)

Could Do: Answer questions #1-4

9.5 – Pressure, Volume, and Temperature (Read, complete the ‘Try This’ section and answer questions 1-4 in groups of 3)

9.7 – The Value of Valves (Read and answer questions #1-3)

9.8 – The Power of Fluids (‘Must’ read and ‘Could’ answer questions #1-3)

9.9 – Cost and Benefits of Fluids (Complete this group activity using this Checklist as your reference)


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