Gr. 7 – Pure Substances & Mixtures

Gr. 7 – Pure Substances & Mixtures

All of our Pure Substances & Mixtures unit resources will be posted here and broken down into 3 sub units; Classifying matter, Solutions, and Separating Mixtures. Any extras (Could do’s) are located at the bottom of the page.

Classifying Matter

1.1 – What is Matter? (Make a copy of all student textbook pages and add them to your Chemistry Folder)

1.2 – More About Matter (After adding to your Chemistry folder, read and answer questions #1 -4)

1.4 – Pure Substances and Mixtures (Read and answer questions #1, 3, and 4)

Classifying Matter Quiz Study Sheet (Wednesday February 24th)

1.6 – Mechanical Mixtures and Solutions


2.1 – Solutes and Solvents (Read and answer questions #1-6) Due Thursday April 8

2.2 – Dissolving and the Particle Theory

2.3 – Concentration and Solubility (Read and answer questions #2-6) Due Wednesday April 14

Calculating Concentration and Solubility Q’s (Answer questions #1-4)

Solutions Homework Answers

At home Chemistry Lab # 1 (Due Friday April 23rd)

At home Chemistry Lab # 2 (Due Friday April 30th)

Separating Mixtures

3.2 – Separating Mechanical Mixtures (In your group answer #1-4)

3.5 – Separating Solutions (In your group, answer #1-3, don’t worry about drawing a picture for question 2)

Filtration Project

Filtration project outline

Filtration project rubric

Innovation Day Peer and Self Evaluation Form

How to Make a Screencastify Video Tutorial


Other States of Matter (Read the following if you are interested in the 4th State of Matter, Plasma)

ORSF (Ottawa Regional Science Fair Info) – March 27th

Students that want to enter an independent project to the virtual orsf can find all information, links, rubrics, and registration details below.

Ottawa Regional Science Fair Homepage

Important Dates (Registration closes March 26th)

How to Register

How to Create your Virtual Board using the ProjectBoard software

Project Rules and Regulations


OJCS STEAM project rubric, organizer, information, and tracking sheets

The Scientific Method broken down into parts and how to create it.

How to Write a Bibliography

Tracking Sheet to keep you on track. Have Mr. Ray initial each section you complete.

Scientific Method and STEAM Tracking Sheet – link

Final Rubric for your Project

STEAM Project Rubric and Assessment Document – link

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