Space (Grade 6)

Space (Grade 6)

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This post will contain all of the grade 6 lessons on space. Students will be learning about the components of the solar system, including the Sun, Earth, and other planets, comets, asteroids, and meteoroids. They will learn to connect the force of gravity concepts previously taught in our flight unit to the relationships found between celestial objects in space. Later in this section, students will investigate various technologies that are used in space exploration with a focus on Canada’s contribution to our understanding of space. We will begin by learning about stars, specifically, our most important and closest star.

Lesson 1: Introduction to Our Solar System

The Universe is Massive!

Solar System Simulator Activity (Make a copy for yourself in your Space folder and follow the instructions)

Lesson 2: That Glorious Old Sun

That Glorious Old Sun Research Activity link

  1. Make a copy of the link above and add it to your space folder
  2. Complete the questions
  3. Create a slideshow/Canva/visual that displays your answers in a visually appealing design

Lesson 3: Space Design Challenge!

  1. Tinkercad Login Instructions
  2. Space Rover Design Challenge Rubric
  3. Tinkercad Design Reflection

The Grade 6 Rover Voting Machine! (click the link to enter your vote)

Lesson 4: The Earth’s Orbit and Seasons

Lesson 5: Phases of the Moon

  1. Complete this online worksheet on the phases of the moon and take a screenshot of the finished product. Place the screenshot here
  2. Where does the term ‘Blood Moon’ come from?

Bonus: Take this Quiz to see how well you know the phases

Lesson 6: Eclipses

Lesson 7: Comets, Asteroids, Meteors, & Meteorites

Student code login details here

Lesson 8: Spring and Neap Tides

Lesson 9: Planets and our Solar System

Lesson 10: Bill Nye Space Exploration

Space Exploration Video Worksheet (Make a copy, submit to your hand-in folder)

Lesson 11: Canadians in Space

Chris Hadfield answers questions live from space! Follow Commander Hadfield on Twitter here

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