Systems in Action (Grade 8)

Systems in Action (Grade 8)

All presentations, links, activities, homework, and videos from the Systems in Action unit will be posted below.

Lesson 1: Simple Machines

2.1 – Simple Machines (Answer questions #2 and 4 in your Simple Machines folder)

Lesson 2: Mechanical Advantage

2.3 – Mechanical Advantage (Read and answer questions #1-4)

Mechanical Advantage Word Problem Practice Sheet

Solutions to Mechanical Advantage Practice Sheet – link

Lesson 3: Work

2.5 – How to Calculate ‘Work’(Read and answer questions #1, 3, 4, & 5)

Lesson 4: Introducing Systems

Student Note

1.1 – Types of Systems (Complete questions #1, 2)

1.2 – System Components (Read and answer questions 2a, and 3)

Simple Machines Quiz Study Sheet

Lesson 5: Simple Machines Video Worksheet

Simple Machines video worksheet

Lesson 6: Designing Efficient Systems

3.1 – Energy on the Loose (Read and answer questions #1-4)

3.2 – Efficiency (Read and answer questions #1-5)

3.3 – Energy, Work, and Mechanical Efficiency (Read and answer questions #2, 3, 4)

Calculating Mechanical Efficiency Practice Problems (Answer questions #1-3)

Designing Efficient Systems Assignment 1

Designing Efficient Systems Assignment 2



Innovation Day

Ottawa Regional Science Fair

Students who want to enter an independent project in the ORSF can find all information, links, rubrics, and registration details below.

ORSF (Ottawa Regional Science Fair Info) – March 31st

The Scientific Method

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